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14K White Gold 1.30 Carat Total Weight Tanzanite 3-Stone Ring 200-00429


14K White Gold 1.30 Carat Total Weight Tanzanite 3-Stone Ring 200-00429

A 14K White Gold 1.30 Carat Total Weight Tanzanite 3-Stone Oval Ring is a piece of jewelry featuring three oval-shaped tanzanite gemstones set in a 14-karat white gold ring. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

  1. Metal: The ring is made of 14-karat white gold. White gold is a popular choice for jewelry settings due to its elegant appearance and durability. It is an alloy of gold and other white metals, often rhodium-plated to enhance its shine and color.
  2. Gemstones: The ring features tanzanite gemstones. Tanzanite is a rare and beautiful gemstone known for its vibrant blue or violet-blue color. It’s a relatively recent discovery, with the only known source being the Merelani Hills in Tanzania, hence the name “tanzanite.”
  3. Total Carat Weight: The total carat weight of the tanzanite stones in the ring is 1.30 carats. This weight represents the combined weight of all three tanzanite stones in the setting.
  4. 3-Stone Design: The ring follows a classic three-stone design. In this design, a central gemstone is flanked by two smaller gemstones on either side. Three-stone rings are often used to symbolize past, present, and future, making them popular choices for engagement rings.
  5. Oval Shape: The tanzanite gemstones are cut in oval shapes. Oval-cut gemstones are known for their brilliant and elongated appearance, which can make fingers appear longer and more slender when worn.

This type of ring is often used for special occasions, such as engagements or anniversaries, but it can also be worn as an elegant fashion accessory. It’s important to note that the value of the ring can vary based on factors such as the quality of the tanzanite stones (color, clarity, and cut) and the craftsmanship of the setting. If you’re considering purchasing this ring, it’s a good idea to have it appraised by a certified gemologist or jeweler to assess its quality and value accurately.

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