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14K White Gold .043CT (12) Diamond and 4x6mm .46CT Oval Ruby Ring 200-00455


14K White Gold .043CT (12) Diamond and 4x6mm .46CT Oval Ruby Ring 200-00455


Indulge in the allure of timeless sophistication with our 14K White Gold Ring, a captivating masterpiece that harmoniously combines the brilliance of diamonds with the rich vibrancy of a 4x6mm .46CT Oval Ruby. This exquisite piece is adorned with .043CT (12) Diamonds, creating a delicate dance of light and color that captures the essence of enduring beauty.

The lustrous 14K White Gold setting provides an elegant and contemporary foundation for this exceptional ring. Twelve .043CT Diamonds on the sides of the 4x6mm .46CT Oval Ruby form a sparkling accent that enhances the overall allure of the design.

At the heart of the ring, the 4x6mm .46CT Oval Ruby takes center stage with its deep, velvety red hue. The oval cut not only showcases the ruby’s natural beauty but also adds a touch of vintage-inspired charm to this modern piece.

Whether as a symbol of love, a statement of personal style, or a cherished gift, this 14K White Gold Diamond and Oval Ruby Ring is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry that define our collection. Embrace the timeless elegance of diamonds and the captivating allure of rubies with a ring that transcends trends and speaks to the enduring beauty of fine jewelry.


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